Evaluation from: Ireland Yearly Meeting, Waterford

16 April, 2004


When the Dancers first suggested visiting Ireland -- in early 2003 -- the initial reaction was sceptical. But one or two friends had knowledge of them, sufficient to encourage us to think of a visit in 2004 to coincide with our 350th celebrations, and focusing on our (residential) Yearly Meeting where evening ‘entertainment’ would have space to flourish.


Taken as a whole, the evening at Yearly Meeting was a great success! Nearly 200 people participated without any of the holding back common in this kind of occasion. We came away exhilarated.


Why was this? The dancing itself is clearly ‘good amateur’ rather than professional. The dances themselves were attractive but not earth shattering.


These ‘qualities’ do, however, make participation much better. For me, the highlight of the evening was the participation. The dances chosen here were excellent -- interesting but not ridiculously difficult and allowing lots of people to join in.


The ‘calling’ (or leading/organisation) of these participating dances was excellent and very clear.


The final dance/prayer was particularly appropriate.


Our scepticism was ill founded!


~ David Kingston (Clerk/Coordinator)