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The Friendly FolkDancers is a group of folk-dancing Quakers who minister through dance. During a typical year, the Friendly FolkDancers organize one or two major tours (about 10 days long) and one or two mini-tours (usually three-day weekends). They have toured all over the U.S. and in several foreign countries.

This is a unique form of ministry that is hard to explain in words.

Waltz With Me God


Waltz with me God

Or maybe let's cha-cha


So many dance lonesome

I'm so happy I've gotcha


to whirl me and twirl me

Or maybe just stroll


When I yield to your leading

My life becomes whole


Swing with me God

You could toss in a shottish


I can dance alone fine

But with you I'm part God-ish


A-dipping and weaving

In free flowing time


My just- fine dance talents

Become motion sublime


2005 Mark Judkins Helpsmeet


Life cannot be red-penciled or retyped.
The Menu does not include
Spell Check, Strikeover or Delete.
You can’t even scribble in margins.

Life’s not a diary
but a dance:
If you stumble,
the music flows on
with you, or without.

So, recover the beat,
dance your mistake,
play it off with a flourish:

Make it seem to be
the step you meant
all along.

2001 Nancy Esther James
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If you are interesting in more details, in having a tour visit your meeting, or in joining a tour group as a dancer, please contact the Friendly FolkDancers at  Literature and videos are available.

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